JScript PanelのNote&Hints.txt和訳(ver.1.1.3)

1. If anything goes wrong, check the popup window/console. It should tell you where the code is that caused the error.

2. Error handling is useful to create more stable scripts.

3. Don't call repaint functions such as window.Repaint() in callback function on_size() {}, especially in pseudo transparent mode.

4. Don't try to assign parameter "gr" from function on_paint(gr) {} with other value, nor try to store "gr" in another variable.
 on_paint(gr) {}関数の"gr"パラメータに他の値を割り当てない。"gr"を他の変数を使って保存しない。

5. Consider using Dispose() methods where you can to free up memory. See interfaces.txt for where it's supported.

6. Remember to retrieve window width and height in on_size() callback, because their values during startup is not reliable.
7. It's NOT recommended to create objects in callback function on_paint(), since it will be called frenquently.


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